About Us

Novalok Ltd has been designing and supplying mezzanine floors for the general industry for over 10 years. We
specialise in a full package, from consultation to design, manufacture and build with fully engineered compliance

We are a storage solution provider enabling you to capitalise on an extensive history of storage solutions and
experience within three main market sectors. Healthcare, hospitality and general industry.

Novalok is a supplier of a large range of locally manufactured shelving products along with an extensive range of
imported storage products.

Our mezzanine floors are another example of what products we can offer you in way of maximising the use of
your available space.

Novalok has a comprehensive manufacturing facility alongside of a storage and warehouse hub. This combo
allows Novalok to pivot effectively to provide you with exactly the right solution that factors in both ultimate ROI
opportunities alongside compliance to the NZ building code.

Supplying systems since 1986

Let us get involved in the initial design stages of your new project, you never
know what problems we may be able to solve for you.